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Dreams Come True


is it still tiana week?

i wanted to show my appreciation for one of my favorite Disney movies. also this was def my favorite scene. 


Waiting for leaves 


Tumblr Sketches by ~andells

The one the bottom right is my one of my favorite pieces of Tangled fanart, if not my total favorite.

nerdfighter1398 asked: Merida or Rapunzel?
"You were wrong about the world. And you were wrong about me."

♔ disney meme

↳ [7/9] songs: I See the Light  


Rosetta & Tinker Bell (by dolewhip)

I used an Anna commission I’m working on as a standin for Sarah’s costume, but here’s the rough lineup for the princess group next week! Pocahontas and Sofia are still in progress, but everything is so close! It’s been a lot of work but I can’t wait! 🍂🎂👑👗❄️🎨 #disneycosplay #mnsshp #soclose

Jessica. Disney girl at heart <3

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